100% ecological

Energy efficient

Modular and transportable

5 year warranty

May dispense municipal licensing



Installed Bungalows

Ongoing projects

Conceptual 3D drawings

Single-family houses

Tourism projects



Manufacture and installation of Bungalows

Rehabilitations and modular systems

Architecture and Design Projects

Assistance in the preparation of business plans

Brand development

Solutions tailored to customers with different profiles

Analysis of the viability of the projects

  As soon as we are contacted and have the necessary information to do so, we make an initial analysis of the viability of your project, without any commitment.    

Architecture and Design Projects

Having specialists in these functions, we can develop Architecture and Design Projects to suit your preference. For a project that may or not include one of our Bungalows or houses, or the Design of your brand image, contact us!


Turnkey Construction

One of the great advantages we offer is an integrated service, which allows us to ensure all necessary support to your project, relieving you from having to worry or deal with difficult issues. It all starts with your contact and will run smoothly until the completion of the project. We have a turnkey service!


Planning and execution of modular housing


One of the manifestations of the potential of our bungalows is the way they can be combined with other equipment, and even with each other, behaving like “modules” that, together, form a larger, more complex structure while maintaining absolute flexibility and adjusting to customer preference.


goodmood - Team and Integrated Service

    The goodmood team consists of professionals in Architecture, Design, Engineering, and Environmental Management, which can help drive the design of your home from its conception until it is finished. We work in a turnkey model. The people who come to us may wish to have a permanent home or a cottage. They may prefer to stay close to the forest or the beach. They may want to establish a new surfing community, an accommodation on their farm or agricultural property. They may want to get together with their family and place a bungalow near the house where they grew up. They may be planning to realize their dream of having an agro- or eco-touristic project, and attract nationals and internationals wanting to enjoy this great country. The ideas are endless. Come to us, we have the solution for you.