“I am interested, what are the next steps?”

Initial Contact

If you are interested in having one of our houses, or just want to know us better, please contact us. By e-mail or phone, we can answer all your questions.

  • Site: goodmood.pt
  • Mail: geral@goodmood.pt
  • Facebook: facebook.com/wearegoodmood
  • Phone nr.: (+351) 213 973 566


Documentation to present

If you have already purchased a plot, we usually ask, if possible, for the following documents:

  • Land Booklet (in Portuguese “Caderneta” or “Certidão da Conservatória do Registo Predial”)
  • Location of the plot in google maps
  • Topographical survey

If you are not in possession of the topographical survey, we have partners who can provide you with that service. Talk to us.
If you do not have a plot, our real estate partners can dedicate themselves to help you find one, simply make that reference in an initial contact.

Technical opinion


With the above listed elements, it will be possible for us to analyze what kind of construction is the most appropriate for you, as well as the legal options at your disposal. Our architect can provide you with a technical opinion without any commitment on your part to get you to know if you are allowed to install bungalows or build on site.

Prior Information Request


The Prior Information Request (in Portuguese, “Pedido de Informação Prévia”) is an essential step of articulation with the City Hall. It will allow you to get an official confirmation about the possibility of advancing with your project. Our team will coordinate with the Hall to study its legal viability.


Architectural Project

An Architectural Project goes far beyond the blueprint of your home. It involves field visits to ensure that housing is positioned correctly and framed in its environment, municipal licensing, where we prepare and deliver all necessary documents, and project discussion meetings, in which we get to know and discuss all the details and preferences you want to see reflected in your dream home.


Turnkey Service

Finally, we give you the key to the house and leave you to just go and enjoy your new space. Take a deep breath and feel the comfort … Get in a goodmood!




Renewable Energy and Sustainability


In goodmood, we like to support the use of renewable energy and technologies that enable you to live responsibly and independently. As such, we sought and established partnerships with companies offering solutions in this area. If interested, ask our collaboration for helping you to fulfill your needs.




If you cannot be connected to the water grid, there are two alternatives. One is making a borehole, through a specialized company. The other is to incorporate a reservoir for storage of rainwater in the land and, if these are not enough, subcontract the supply of the deposit (Ex. ECODEPUR reservoir of 4,000 liters).



To connect to the electrical grid, just ask EDP an electricity connection for non-licensable works via a form available at www.edp.pt. You can ask, for example, an electricity extension for land maintenance, agriculture, etc.
If the power grid is close-by, the landowner may request EDP for a budget to install an extension. At the same time, there is the possibility of installing autonomous renewable energy systems, such as photovoltaic panels. This type of equipment and its installation may cost between € 12,000 and € 15,000 for the T1 model, depending on the ground conditions and company.

goodmood suggestions:

  • Smartflower (photovoltaic panels) – https://www.smartflower.com/en/;
  • Boa Energia (photovoltaic panels) – https://boaenergia.pt/;
  • Omniflow (eolic turbines) – https://omniflow.pt/pt/.


If there is the possibility of connecting to the municipal sewer system, we will, as in any other house.
In there is not, the best answer to this problem is a watertight septic tank, which may be incorporated in the land (Ex. Watertight septic tank ECODEPUR).



For a relatively leveled and compacted terrain:

a. For bungalows, the supports to install the housing unit are provided with it. These supports are accompanied by a tuner that allows us to set the leveling of the unit on site.
If the terrain has a large slope and / or the soil is too soft:

b. The foundations must be budgeted separately by the goodmood team, after a trip to the site. These foundations can involve piles and concrete slabs, among other possibilities.




Other subjects


Municipal Licensing

Our bungalows may be exempt of municipal licensing. The fact that they are transportable and can be moved in case of an imperative, as well as them not requiring a large intervention on the land are reasons that help guaranteeing that many Halls demand no license from us. Our transportable houses also have small areas and their construction leaves no waste and is not damaging to nature. At all stages of use and construction, these structures have a very low environmental impact. In an initial contact, we usually ask for some land documents (booklet and location) so that our team can confirm the legal possibilities at their disposal and provide you a technical opinion.

Land types

It is possible to install our bungalows in all types of land, with the exception of the urban and the ones inserted in REN (Ecological Nature Reserve). goodmood is available to analyze installations case by case, without compromise.


Although we have a versatile team, we do not assume we are able to do everything. So we like to associate with other companies that complement our work. From renewable energy technologies and interior design up to real estate agencies that can help you sell an older house or buy land, we have competent professionals who help us ensure that our customers do not have to waste any time looking. Our partners deserve our trust, and work in close cooperation with us. They do their job competently and practice fair prices without sacrificing quality. So we can offer our customers a set of strengths that guarantee an integrated service, saving time and reducing costs.




Our bungalows, or transportable houses, must have the maximum dimensions of 12 × 3.5m (T2) because of their transport by truck, and installation by crane. If you want to have a larger house, you can combine multiple units for a higher area, by distributing several bungalows over your land, perhaps connected by a wooden deck, or even making use of modular construction, and joining them as if they were a single house.


Customization of bungalows


The coatings, interior and partition walls are customizable. This is part of goodmood’s philosophy of adapting every house to each customer. If the bungalow architecture is changed, the customization value is 1500 euros, which will be deducted when the construction of the bungalow is awarded. Thus, the bungalows made by us are customizable at no extra cost.