The demand for alternative methods of construction to traditional masonry has become increasingly prevalent. We are sought by people who will recognize that with the advancement of technology in civil engineering, it is worth paying attention to building systems that allow higher quality standards, with a greater respect for the environment. goodmood, although also able to work in masonry (see Rehabilitation, below), has experts in construction based on LSF, that through their extensive experience with this system can build your house. Building on site, you can enjoy the benefits that our materials provide, in addition to being able to implement architecture projects with far more flexible designs that have greater spacial freedom. Basically, this is the building model in which your home is most similar in external appearance, to the more traditional methods. Our construction team will move close to you and directly execute your project.



If you own an older home, in masonry or not, we can help you rehabilitate it. We perform not only the renovation of the space, so that it better resembles the aspect that it had in the past, we can also improve it by insulating, reinforcing the structure, or even adding attachments. Sometimes, investing in improving your home can bring you substantial benefits with a reduced cost.