goodmood Bungalows

  They are transportable housing units, made from recyclable materials and designed to provide maximum comfort. The quality of the structure, finishes and coatings allows us to obtain a high grade in thermal and acoustic efficiency. Thus, the interior of your home is in a stable and comfortable temperature all year round. As they are modular structures, you can connect several bungalows, as if they were a larger house. Because of its portability and low environmental impact, the installation of our bungalows may dispense municipal license.  




General features



• Light Steel Framing.

• Rock wool insulation.

• Exterior Coatings in Cork, Wood or ETICS.

• Interior Coatings in plasterboard painted in white.

• Water Plumbing and Sewage.

• Lighting with EFAPEL appliances.

• Melamine flooring in the living room, dining area and bedroom.

• Ceramic tiles in the bathroom floor and walls; toilets, sink and shower base also included.